The Isar Rapids

Not far from the river bridge at Lenggries, the Isar drops a couple of meters forming a set of fast flowing rapids. Depending on the released flow upstream from the Sylvensteinspeicher, the Isar rapids used throughout the summer months by canoe or rubber raft boat tours. At present the flow is strong and clear from… Read More

The Cold Flow

A warm day wander along a cold stream. The Steinbach flows down from the eastern valley mountains along the Isarwinkel. In places the stream is frozen over as the flow winds downhill beneath the surface of the ice. The streams stones are covered by mounds of snow, sealing the surface. The occasional changes of level in the… Read More


A warm sunny February day, I took a midday walk along the Steinbach near Gaißach, the fields are covered in snow but the recent warm weather has hardened the surface. The area is part of the upper Isarwinkel Stating loop, with these views it’s an understandable attraction. The moisture in the air gives the distant mountains their blue… Read More