Sennen Cove
Dry Dock in Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove
All tied up

Sennen Cove is near Land’s End on the west coast of Cornwall, facing out into the Celtic Sea and just along the coast from Cape Cornwall. A steep road brings us down to the shoreline, then twists through the village to the rear car park, not much room left today. An art gallery situated in the old boat round house used originally for drying fishing gear, and hauling the boats ashore. The bottom room displaying the artwork has a low ceiling which moves and creaks from the footfalls in the shop above. Back outside the sun is shining, the fishing boat are hauled up onto the jetty to dry. Children wander across the harbour with large ice creams in their hands and the buoys are hung up to dry.

April 7th 2015

Lifeboat house
The Lifeboathouse Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove
Boys carrying ice cream in Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove
Hanging out to dry
Sennen Cove
The Buoys

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