Whale Watching, Kiakoura

Whale Watching Kiakoura
Heading out into deeper water
Whale Watching Kiakoura
Mutimuti the Sperm Whale starts her dive
Whale Watching Kiakoura
We are not alone

Whale Watch Kaikoura

Boarding cards ready, take the coach to the South Harbor and onto the Catamaran, head fast five miles out into the sea, out over the Kaikoura shelf, a drop of 1km, in total 1600m deep, the guides search for sperm whale sounds using a hydrophone, we wait for them to surface. Mutimuti is the first to surface ( Two Fingers), named after the shape of its tail, after diving for 50 minutes. She stays on the surface for ten minutes before arching her back and diving back into the depths, her tail coming clear out of the water. Another boat joins us and we head further around the bay, before Tutu emerges on our side of the boat, see it break the water with its back, this time two boats hang back and are joined by a light airplane and helicopter. Tutu sticks around for ten minutes then tail up and she disappears. After two hours on the water, time to head back in, this is delayed as Mutimuti re-emerge from the depths, a third sighting is unusual, so we feel lucky.

Whale Watching Kiakoura
On the lookout


The Dive

Tutu Whale Watching Kiakoura
Tutu diving
Going Down


Return to the Whale Centre for a coffee and snack, buy the customary T-Shirt.


Chill out in the afternoon after all the recent driving, today is a mileage free day. An Indian meal at the nearby restaurant, entertainment provided by two mad dancing-girls from the house opposite, Bollywood dancing in front of the restaurant ! Obviously the parents are not at home.

Thurs. 02.Jan

Next up: Leaving the South Island, New Zealand.

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