Old Town Hobart Harbour

It’s a long haul out to Van Diemen’s Land

The plane climbs up and over Sydney and turns over the sea south towards Tasmania, following the eastern seaboard of Australia this is the final flight of the journey, it’s a long…… stretch out to Australia.

Our  landing is buffered by the westerly winds blowing in from the west it is a very long way to Tasmania, via Dubai and Sydney, not sure what day it is but the sun is shining and tomorrow is the first of many travelling days in the camper van.

Feeling Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed.

Hobart Harbour with the clear Mount Wellington in the background

Hobart, Tasmania

Wake up after 9 hours, neighbours greet me with g’day ?..what should I answer ? Don’t know yet mate, it’s too early.

Looks cloudy on top of Mount Wellington this morning, still we head up Pinnacle Road which winds up through the forest to the summit of Mt. Wellington, the way is narrow and curved in places but has great views out over the bay and beyond, trying not to be distracted.  Halfway up the view is clear but as we reach the summit the clouds cover over us, no view….

Head back down to Hobart, to take a look around the Harbour and the arty Salamander areas, the city reminds me of an English Northern city,  Leeds or Bradford ?  the town centre is hilly, the architecture, a mixture of modern and colonial, well maybe.

On the Harbour wharf we find a fish restaurant with a views out onto the Harbour, the sun comes out, the peak of the mountain above Hobart is clear….of cloud, it will be stormy tomorrow so we have missed our chance.

An intrepid Explorer
Leaving Hobart Harbour
Above the tree line, the view on the way up to the summit of Mount Wellington

Driving south towards Kingston and the small village of Snug we find a camping ground on the beach with views across to Bundy Island over North West Bay, an evening stroll along the pale sands and over the river estuary. It’s peaceful  down here, unusual birds, Pelican, a Laughing Kookaburra and Masked Lapwing.

Beginning to chill now as the effects of the long haul wear off.


Footbridge across the river
The beach in Snug
North West Bay, Snug, Tasmania

Travelling Notes

Check out the visitors website :  well worth a visit to Salamanca Market, Hobart lots of arty shops in the regenerated part of town, on the harbour front try out the fish and chippy Mures Lower Deck on Franklin Wharf, but watch out for the seagulls.

Where : a long way from anywhere, Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania on the edge of the wilderness it is protected just over its shoulder in the form of  Mount Wellington to the west of the city centre. Southern Tasmania, Australia.

Travelling : 25 km from Hobart to Snug, take the B68 through Kingston travelling south from Hobart, its pretty busy traffic on the roads around Hobart and across the main bridge.

Camping or Campervan: Snug Beach Cabin  & Caravan Park, Snug. Directly on the Foreshore Reserve and beach overlooking the North West Bay.


Don’t tell anyone: Drive up Pinnacle Road to Mount Wellington but stop halfway at the tree line up as the views are just as good as the top and it tends to cloud over at the summit.

Next up: Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania.

pj bourne is a full time architect, urban masterplanner and sustainability designer. In his free time he’s outside with a camera, running, wandering or mountain biking through the Alps where he lives or indoors in front of the iMac planning another long road trip in a campervan to the other side of the world.

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