After wandering around in the Christmas crowds looking in the festive shop windows we get the feeling that we don’t need to shop, it’s somehow too hot for Christmas, we left the snow behind us back in Munich. Read More

Halls Gap

It’s 2,1 km via the grand canyon to the summit, but it’s a tough climb and let’s be honest it’s boiling ! We have sunblock, water and hats, it’s not enough really although we see other walkers without any of these basic things. The summit is spectacular, the Pinnacle. It leans out over the edge of the rock face high above the valley, the view stretches out across the plains to Ballarat and down the valley. Read More

The 12 Apostles


A staircase has been cut into the cliff face leading down to the beach 90m below, it’s spectacular, the waves roll onto the beach underneath the towering cliff face. Read More

Heading down the Great Ocean Road

Just along the coast with a small detour is the famous Bells Beach home of the surfers firm Rip-Curl, we take the steps down onto the beach the power of the surf is evident even if today the surf is calm, we watch one or two surfers on the rocky cove to the side of the beach. Read More