The Bay of Fires

The distinctive Red Rocks of the Bay of Fires

Just a  short drive today out to Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires, we head for Cosy Corner and decide to free camp next to the beach. Taking the advice of the guide  at the camping site in St.Helens who recommended this place, Cosy Corner is the best place to experience the Bay of Fires.

View towards Binalong Bay

The sand is whiter, the stones are redder and the sea really is bluer

Cosy Corner, the Bay of Fires
Giant Toes

There are a lot of other campers today coming down to the beach for the weekend, the whole area is full of people camping, as we take a walk down the beach and check out other sites. The Bay of  Fires is very photogenic, the red stones are very prominent against the clear blue sea, I took a number of photos !

The Bay of Fires
The distant Gardens, at the Bay of Fires

During the evening we could hear the sound of the sea crashing on the beach and throughout the night. We want to … Stay.

Fri. 11.12.2015IMG_0171

St. Columba Falls

In the morning we leave the area for the weekenders and join the Tasman Highway again and climb the hills in the direction of Launceston. Take a detour to visit to St. Columba Falls, it’s just a short walk down through the bush to come out underneath the waterfall as it crashes down the side of the cliff face.

St. Columba Falls
The Waterfall at St. Columba Falls
St. Columba Falls

The road passes back through Pyengana a small hamlet, we take the chance to stop at the Cheese Factory  for a cheese tasting experience and an excellent coffee and scones…The Holy Cow Cafe, highly recommended *

Maurice High Plains

Back on the road again the wind has picked up as we drive over the twisting hillside and head down into the town of Launceston. After going into the centre of Launceston and finding everything closed down for Saturday afternoon, we decide to take a look at the Natural Gorge in the centre of town and cross the suspension bridge.


Launceston Gorge
Crossing Alexandra Suspension Bridge
Alexandra Suspension Bridge

Wombats !

It is the end of the afternoon before we turn in the direction of the coast, following the Tamar River on its way to the sea we come out at Kelso Beach. The campsite is very quiet, it is still the early season here on Tasmania, but the site is full of wildlife where the Wombats roam free, at night one comes up to the van and gives us a hefty push as he scratches its back. We spot at least nine wombats in the park around our campsite in the evening plus a single wallaby, however the rumoured local Tasmanian devil doesn’t turn up tonight.

Sat. 12.12.2015

The Tamar River winding its way to the sea.
Wombats in the campsite
Spot the Wombats..

Travelling Notes

Check out the visitors website : Discover Tasmania, The Bay of Fires. this site has loads of information covering the whole of Tasmania, it is the best guide I’ve come across when planning our road trip.  The Holy Cow Cafe, Pyengana. Cheese Tasting and coffee and cakes a must !

Where : The Bay of Fires the Eastern coastline of Tasmania, Australia.

Travelling : 229 km from the Bay of Fires to Kelso Beach, we travelled over the twisting A3 to Launcester because we wanted to visit St. Columba Falls a 10km detour from the A3. In Launcester  follow the River Tamar on the A7 to the estuary. 

Camping or Campervan:  In nearby St. Helens,  Big 4 St Helens Holiday Park takes only twenty minutes to drive to Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires. Freedom Camping anywhere along the Bay of Fires north of Binalong Bay to The Gardens. Kelso Beach Sands Holiday Park the only campsite we came across with its own Wombat population.

Don’t tell anyone: Cosy Corner, The Bay of Fires, the best place to see the red rocks. 


The sand is whiter, the stones are redder and the sea really is bluer !

Next up: Circling Dove Lake.

pjbourne is a full time architect, urban masterplanner and sustainability designer. In his free time he’s outside with a camera, running, wandering or mountain biking through the Alps where he lives or indoors in front of the iMac planning another long road trip in a campervan to the other side of the world.

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