Central Sydney It takes 45 minutes to reach the centre of Sydney by jumping on the bus, which stops just outside the camping site and winds through the outer suburbs before crossing the harbour bridge  and dropping us at the beginning of York Street in central Sydney. We need some time to orientate ourselves and… Read More

North of Eden

The beach at Lakes Entrance stretches into the distance, it’s steep sandy shoreline collapses into the surf. Our short stay is at it end as we continue west along the Princes Highway towards our next stop in Cann River a small village in an opening in the bush. The kilometres speed by, without much changing… Read More

Road tripping through Tasmania

Tasmania / After much humming and gazing out of the window the idea to head to Tasmania was very appealing the more we researched the country. But you can’t just fly all the way out to Tasmania and not go to Australia right ? Read More

Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory

Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory
The wind ripples the surface of the sea out across the bay. We find a seat overlooking Leonard Bay, stopping for a while we watch the waves crashing on the beach below as the wind whips at the crests of the waves. Read More