Koala Conservation Centre, Phillip Island

It doesn’t take us long to drive to the Koala Conservation area from the bridge, we are one of the first to arrive as the centre is opening, this gives us the advantage of heading out into the tree top boardwalks before it gets too crowded. the Koalas are just beginning to wake up, some of them are very close to the walkway, so we can watch as they slowly wake up. Some of them are very well hidden within the branches so they are difficult to spot at first, but soon a crowd of people forms when one is spotted. The Koalas really do look like friendly toys,but on closer inspection they have some very sharp claws.

The Koala Conservation Centre
Just waking up
On the tree top boardwalk
Serious claws
Having a look around

One of the keepers comes around to move the plants nearer to the Koalas so they can feed, this wakes one of them up and we are lucky enough to watch as it walk along a branch then jump across into the cradle of another tree. The visitors centre has films and information all about the Koalas on Phillip Island, they are a separate community from the mainland so lucky they don’t have the diseases that are inflicted on the mainland Koala population.

Hanging out


About to jump

The Nobbies Centre

On the western tip of Phillip Island is the Nobbies Centre, where in the evening bus loads of people arrive to watch the small penguins come ashore on the beach. The Conservation area includes the seals that amass on Seal Rock, a flat topped island at the western tip of the island. We wander the boardwalks which run parallel with the coastline, the colours are beautiful as the waves crash onto the rocks below. Before us is the drive to Wilsons Promontory, so we head off leaving Phillip Island behind as we head along the southeastern  coastline of Victoria’s Gippsland.

Seal Rock
The boardwalks around the Nobbies
Seal Rock
Coastal view away from the Nobbies
Strange Fascination
The mesmeric swirl of the tide

Travelling Notes

Check out the visitors website : The Koala Conservation Centre, Phillip Island, interesting information about visiting the nature Park and seeing Koalas up close from the boardwalks, also has all the information for visiting the Penguins at the Nobbies Centre.

Where : Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. 

Travelling : 182 km from Melbourne to Phillip Island, from the centre of Melbourne we went the long way via St.Kilda, Frankston and Mornington, towns on the coast of Port Phillip Bay, then cut across to Stony Point opposite French Island. The M120 circles this bay and comes back round to San Remo on the southern coast, cross the bridge and your on Phillip Island. 

Camping or Campervan: Big 4, Phillip Island Caravan Park,  just turn left after coming over the bridge, the park has it’s own beach to stroll along, ten minute walk over the bridge again to the Fishermans Co-operative.

Hidden Koala

Don’t tell anyone: The San Remo Fisherman’s Co-operative  fresh fish caught in the ocean directly outside the front door. The Best fish but this is not a smart restaurant, its ‘s a chippy.

Next up: Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory.

pjbourne is a full time architect, urban masterplanner and sustainability designer. In his free time he’s outside with a camera, running, hiking or mountain biking through the Alps where he lives or indoors in front of the iMac planning another long road trip in a campervan to the other side of the world.

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