Sydney Opera House

It took us a while to get back from the party last night, we picked our way back through the traffic and got back at the campsite about three in the morning. It means our last day in Sydney will be more chilled out after the last few hectic days, but this is Sydney that’s impossible, let go and have fun. Today we leave the camper at the train station and jump aboard the train, much easier, once again we cross the bridge this time in a train..we’ve crossed in the campervan, took a bus and walked, one thing left, get on a ferry and go sail under it !

We buy a ticket on Circular Quay and jump on the ferry to Manly, the small seaside town at the entrance to Sydney harbour. The only place to be is outside watching the water  and landscape going by. The downtown skyscrapers tower over the harbour as we turn away from the harbour bridge and out past the impressive Opera House.

Sydneyy Opera House from the harbour
The side you don’t get to see
Sydney Skyline
The bays and islets lining the harbour
In our chugging wake
Georges Head at the entrance to the harbour
The open sea
The wind in her hair


Follow the crowd, good advice, just as the ferry docks all  the occupants set off in the same direction straight down the highstreet. The Corso, which runs directly to Manly beach, it’s crowded with families and surfers on this hot summers day. We head indoors for some lunch and a drink choosing to sit in the shade by an open window looking out onto the street. After a couple of hours wandering around the Corso, we jump back on the Ferry and head back to Sydney.

Heading for the harbour
Sydney harbour
Speedboat chasing
The arch
Two Australian Flags
The view of the bridge from the Ferry
Arriving back in Circular Quay.
The Golden Grove
Museum of Contemporay Art


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Rather than take the train we walk back across the harbour bridge to pick up the train from the north side station, Milsons Point. This was the focal point yesterday evening, but now we see no evidence of the NYE celebrations. The skies are blue and the view from the bridge is extensive, we search for the places we’ve been from the bridges footpath.

Sydney is a fantastic and vibrant city, with so much happening, it’s been a highlight of this journey, a long way from the empty campsite on Tasmania when our only neighbours were Wombats, but that’s all part of the journey the mixture of events and locations.

The fenced in footpath over the Bridge
The harbour Bridge towering over us
Below us, Sydney Opera House


A last backwards look at Sydney Bridge

Tomorrow after four days in Sydney, we’ll  leave the city reluctantly behind to start the  last week of our  journey north towards Brisbane.


Travelling Notes

Check out the visitors website : Transportnsw.info ferries cross-cross the harbour all the time, this is the website we used for the train and buses to get around Sydney.

Where : Manly, North Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Camping or Campervan: Sydney Hills An Active Holidays site near Dural. It takes 45 minutes to reach the centre of Sydney by jumping on the bus, which stops just outside the camping site. Alternatively park at Pennant Hills Station and take the train straight into Sydney jumping off at Wynyard Station, this takes 40 mins and you get to go over the Harbour Bridge.

Don’t tell anyone: New Brighton Hotel a good place to sit in the windows with a jar of beer on a hot sunny day, looking out onto the Manly Corso.

Next up: Port Macquarie

pjbourne is a full time architect, urban masterplanner and sustainability designer. In his free time he’s outside with a camera, running, hiking or mountain biking through the Alps where he lives or indoors in front of the iMac planning another long road trip in a campervan to the other side of the world.

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