IMG_0477A short journey up from Ballina Beach via Lennox Head, we took our time as we only had 50km to travel, the traffic queue leading into Byron Bay was slow and very busy and the town proved difficult to drive through from the south.

The tight twisted road up to the lighthouse was so parked up with cars we reached the top without finding a space, then gave up altogether trying to find a place in the small parking spaces directly next to the lighthouse itself, so we headed back down the hill with the idea to come back tomorrow morning.

Our campsite was a bit of a strange experiance at first, but once we got resettled away from the permanent hippy camping area and into the swimming pool we had a good camping spot.

In the evening after cooling off in the pool we took the long walk into town along the main road, taking about half an hour to reach the centre.  We found ourselves in the Beach Hotel, obviously the place to be seen on the beach front in the centre of Byron Bay where we had a few Ales, whilst soaking up the party atmosphere, the place is jam packed with happy people, cool, we headed back into the centre for a meal in a  restaurant along the main road, whilst listening to the street buskers. Our night finished with a downpour of rain before we could make our way back through the puddles to the campsite.


DSC08413The Beach on Arakwal National ParkIMG_0477Byron Bay Lighthouse the easterly most point on Australia
DSC08419The rolling waves below the cliffsDSC08425Incoming waves into Byron Bay
DSC08433Mount Jerusalum National Park
DSC08443Cape ByronDSC08461
The rolling waves on the rocks below

In the morning we were lucky enough to find a parking bay long enough for our oversized needs directly overlooking the beach of Arakwal National Park just short of the lighthouse. We walked the rest of the way up the road to the lighthouse, taking in the sweep of the coastal view. The views over the bay are fantastic , we could see the whole sweep of the coastline north of Byron Bay and the mountainous outline of Mount Jerusalum National Park in the background. The walkway extends past the lighthouse and down along the clifftop, below us the sea crashes onto the rocks, above we have a clear blue sky.

The Cape Byron Cafe at the lighthouse provided another chance to take in the extensive views over the bay whilst enjoying the refreshments.

We try shopping afterwards wandering around the small tourist shops and cafes of Bryon Bay, it has a casual atmosphere and we’ve enjoyed being here, all very laid back.

Around midday we reluctantly leave Byron Bay and head up north for the Gold Coast towards our final destination, Brisbane.


DSC08471Cape Byron LighthouseDSC08483Steep climb up Lighthouse Road
DSC08481The Beach on Arakwal National ParkIMG_0446I need a drink after all the driving, Beach Hotel, Byron Bay

The Gold Coast

A lunch time stop and stroll along the beach in Palm Beach just south of the Gold Coast, in the distance the unnatural skyline of the hotel and office skyscrapers, a far cry from some of the more remote places we’ve visited on this trip, we don’t stay long as time is against us now we have to set up camp and get ready for the return long haul flight back to Europe.

DSC08503Palm Beach with the distant skyline of the Gold CoastDSC08495The Gold CoastDSC08497A last paddle in the Tasman SeaIMG_0459Driving through the skyscraper landscape  of the Gold CoastIMG_0458

Travelling Notes

Check out the visitors website : Cape Byron Lighthouse the most easterly point in Australia, with fantastic views over the bay.

Where : Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

Travelling : short journey up from Ballina via Lennox Head, we took our time only 50km, but the traffic in Byron Bay very busy.

Camping or Campervan:  Byron Bay this was a bit of a strange one at first, but once we got resettled and into the pool it was a good camping spot, long walk into town though especially when it rains on the way back.

Don’t tell anyone: Cape Byron Lighthouse Cafe or and the Beach Hotel in Byron .…but you won’t be alone.



A Last Night in the Camper


A Welcome Home

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