The distant mountains of the Maremma, far right the outline of the Island of Giglio

An early morning cycle up the hillside town of Campiglia Marittima was rewarded with this view out over the flat plains of the Val di Cornia. The air is clear as the weather promises another hot day in the sun, it’s good to get up early to do some sport before the weather gets too sweltering.

Two Islands

The Etruscan hillside settlement of Populonia can be seen as a small cluster of buildings on the central hill overlooking the sea, in the background the mountains of the Island of Elba and very faintly the gray form of the distant Island of Corsica.

The countryside of the Maremma has long sandy beaches between rocky cliff faces and headlands, many of the beaches have pine forests lining the coastline acting as windbreaks for the farmland behind them.

The 12th century church and graveyard of Pieve di San Giovanni
The more recent power plant on the waterfront
Entrance to Campiglia Marittima

I’m standing with the entrance of Campiglia Marittima behind me, from this vantage point I can zoom in to find my starting point hidden in the trees, it’s taken me half an hour to cycle up here but will only take ten to free wheel back down the hill.

Hidden in the trees, La Macchiarella

Back on level ground I catch a view back up the hillside to the village across the fields of golden sunflowers. I go wandering through the sunflower fields to capture their sunny faces towering above me. Now time for some well earned breakfast.

Fields of Gold
Walking through a Sunflower field

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