A year on from our travels through Australia, I thought I’d put together this little movie of our trip through Tasmania. It may not be everybody’s Island destination but Tasmania is a beautiful remote land which his well worth visiting. We took a week to travel around the Southern and Eastern side of the Island and dipped our toes in the more remote Western side by travelling into the wilderness to Cradle Mountain National Park. If we had more time to travel around the Island, I guess we would need ten days at least to touch the Western coast line as well. So I put some information together for anyone looking to travel out to this forgotten land.

Tasmania Driving Route & Posts


Flight from Munich to Sydney + Hobart, Tasmania

07.12.2015 Hobart – Snug

It`s a long haul out to Van Diemen`s Land

08.12.2015 Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site

09.12.2015 Coles Bay, Freycinet  National Park

The Tasman Peninsula

10.12.2015 Wineglass Bay- St. Helens

Wineglass Bay

11.12.2015 Cosy Corner on the Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires

12.12.2015 Launceston – Kelso with Wombats

13.12.2015 Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain National Park

Circling Dove Lake

14.12.2015 Davenport – Spirit of Tasmania to Melbourne

Road Tripping through Tasmania

Before setting off

Before setting off I put together some information and planned a driving route to guide us through the holiday, it’s doesn’t match up with the reality of our trip but that’s the whole point of remaining open to different opportunities and interests as you travel.

Tasmania-Australia PDF


2 thoughts on “Journey through Tasmania

  1. Didn’t have time to go to Port Arthur, as took the opportunity to go to
    the summits of Mt Nelson and Mt Wellington instead. Your photos make me think it is reminiscent of Loch Lomond…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Candida for so many likes ! Scotland is indeed beautiful I must go back sometime, Glencoe was a favorite of mine, dramatic, wild and wet !


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