Piombino Harbour.

The headland faces out into the bay across from the Island of Elba, the small boat harbour is nestled at the base of the hill overlooked by the houses of the city. While Piombino itself is industrial on the otherside of town and known as the ferry port for the Island of Elba, the old town is pictureqes and worth a visit. We wander toward the Piazza Giovanni Bovio, a public area jutting out into the sea. On one side of the Piazza is a a small boating harbour, where the locals can sail out into the bay, far removed from the exclusive yatch harbour further around the bay in Punta Ala.

Piombino Harbour
Boats in the harbour
Cool Water
Piazza Giovanni Bovio, Piombino
Across the water lies the Island of Elba

Where two seas meet, the Ligurian sea to the north and the Tyrrhenian sea to the south.

Ferry Crossing

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