Grab the keys, jump in the car, drive, lets go somewhere. Tegernsee, Bavaria. Check out the restaurant on the hills above Gmund, it has the best view of the whole length of the lake. It#s an early spring day, push the soft-top down, swing by Bad Tölz and head over the hills and down into Gmund on the north shores of Tegernsee.

The pub has been renovated and has an enclosed area of biergarten overlooking the whole length of the lake. The sun is out and we sit a while having lunch taking in the view and early April sun, in the distance the snow covered peaks of Wahlberg at the end of the lake shine in the sunlight. On the right the twin peaks of the Hirschberg saddle are clearly visible. It’s beautiful day, we wander down to the shoreline, not many people around today, it’s a chance to sit and take it all in.

Northern Shore
Let’s go Somewhere cool.
Lake Tegernsee
Lake Tegernsee
Lake Tegernsee
View climbing back up to Gmund over Lake Tegernsee
The distant Wallberg at the end of Lake Tegernsee
Life’s Tough in the Mountains, Lake Tegernsee

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