The turquoise waters of Lake Achensee reflect the snow-covered peaks of the surrounding mountains, this really is a beautiful place in the sunshine, many times the lake has been obscured by rainfall which often happen when we drive back through the valley. Today however the sun is out and the mountains are covered with last weeks spring snow, in every direction there is another peak to wonder at.

Achensee is the high road pass climbing from the Austrian village of Jenbach and Weising up onto the upper valley plateau at Eben. The main tourist village of Pertisau is reached around one side of the lake and is full of hotel and holiday apartment for the ski or summer hiking visitors. We take a wander around the village finding somewhere to eat  before walking half an hour along the footpath in the direction of Achenkirch the village situated at the top of the lake.

Pertisau on Lake Achensee
The footpath along the edges Achensee (thin line)
The distant mountains can be seen across the mouth of the valley.
Rofan viewing platform on the shores of Achensee
Access road along the sides of the lake. (right)
Across from Pertisau the peaks of Rofan to the right.

The wooden structure of the viewing platform juts out over the lake, after climbing up there, we get an elevated view of the village and clear view of the Rofan mountain on the opposite side of the lake.

Pertisau promenade and the view to the top of the lake
Inland towards the centre of Pertisau
Abstract support, the viewing platform

The lake side walk climbs away from the shoreline after ten minutes and offers clear views out over the lake, from here we watch the passager ferry pass us on the lake below. The air is so clear today through the gap at the mouth of the lake the distant mounatins across the Tyrol valley are visable.

Waves on the Shore
The main high pass road on the opposite side of the lake
Achensee passanger ferry
View back towards Pertisau
North view towards the snow-covered Vorderunnutz and Hochunnutz
Footpath along Achensee in the direction of Pertisau

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4 thoughts on “Snow Covered Mountains / Lake Achensee

  1. Oh wow. The gallery makes us wish we were nomads having the opportunity to walk these trails.
    Thanks for sharing this, it inspires thoughts on how one can also be there to see it in person!

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