After a three year break from New Zealand it’s time to head back, this time we are driving around the  North Island. 3 1/2 weeks is a chance to visit the places we have not seen before and revisit some of our favourite places from our last time around. As we drove all the way down to the Catlins and the South Island’s Southern most point, so this time we are heading north to Cape Regina the furthest north point of New Zealand. After 24 hours sat in an airplane we are grateful to land in Auckland and soon pick up our motorhome our home for the next three weeks. Agreeing the starting point should all be where we left off last time, we head east out towards Miranda. In the morning we walk on the beach at the freedom camping site called Rays Rest overlooking the Firth of Thames. Sitting on the shoreline the outline of the stunning Coromandel mountains are visible from across the bay. The beach is covered by broken sea shells glistening in the sunlight , we sit watching the sea birds through binoculars and glazing out over the bay.

23. Dec 2016

View out over the Firth of Thames, New Zealand
The outline of the Coromandel from across the Firth of  Thames
Rays Rest on the Firth of Thames
Miranda, Thames, New Zealand
Brocken Sea Shells, Firth of Thames
Hong Kong Reflections

Travelling Notes

Where : Ray’s Rest, Firth of Thames, New Zealand.

Travelling : Heading south from Auckland Airport it’s only an hours drive to reach the open bay heading along the Highway 2 towards the Coromandel.

Camping : Miranda Camping site with its hot water spring this should wash away the street of the last 24 hours flight.

Go shopping for supplies first because there is nothing in Miranda other than the view !

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