Cape Reinga Lighthouse

Cape Regina the most north westernmost point of New Zealand at the northern end of the North Island we drive about 100 km north on the state highway which up until 2010 was just a gravel road leading up to the cape. Off to the left running parallel to the highway stretches Ninety mile Beach. When we arrived we were turned away to park back down the road which involved a lot of reverse parking on the side of the road. The cape is a popular place to visit so we just followed the crowd to the lighthouse where lots of visitors crowd around taking pictures of the Lighthouse And it’s signpost for the rest of the world

The meeting of the seas

By leaving the main pathway and climbing up the hill we escape the crowds and get a good view of the Cape.  From our elevated position we can see the separation marked in the tidal flows, the Tasman Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east meet and churn at the Cape. This place is often thought of as the northern most point of New Zealand but in fact that honour goes to North Capes, Surville Cliffs situated 30km further to the east.

In Maori mythology the spirits of the dead travel on a journey into the afterlife by leaping of the headland and climbing the roots of the 800-year-old Pohutukawa tree to descend into the underworld and return to the traditional homeland. In this way they depart the mainland before turning briefly at the offshore Three Kings Island for one last look backwards before continuing on their journey. The places certainly feels spiritual and todays misty weather adds to the feeling of a stronger force unseen.

From here it’s a long way to everywhere.

December 29th 2017

Cape Reinga, New Zealand
In every direction, Cape Reinga Lighthouse
Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Cape Reinga, New Zealand
Cape Reinga, New Zealand
Cape Reinga Lighthouse
Road to the Cape

Travelling Notes

Check out  : Taupo Bay off the beaten track heading north from Kerikeri and Paihia.

Where : Cape Reinga, Northland, New Zealand.

Travelling : Get there early to avoid the crowds and get a parking space ! Straight up Highway 1 everyone tis going to the same destination from Kaitaia onwards.

Camping : Taupo Bay. Situated away from the main road,  Taupo is a beautiful village, very secluded with a cliff lined beach and frendly Kiwi filled campsite.

Next Up : Travelling in the Northland

Taking in the views,  Northland.

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