The first day of the new year saw us wandering through the quiet recovering streets of downtown Auckland. At the ferry terminal we took stock and headed for the Cloud for a unexpected free game of badminton. The bendy and twisting structure is a prominent new design exhibition space on the harbour front. Whilst reclining of the street benches contemplating the Auckland skyline we decided we needed some height to properly appraise the whole city. The sky tower although expensive has a 360° view of the whole city and its harbours. Out in the bay sits the island volcano Rangitoto Island and further around the bay beautiful Waiheke Island. To the south is Manukau Harbour with the aircraft appearing small as they come in low over the water to land at the airport.

Auckland Harbour, Sky Tower, Auckland
Rising Above, Sky Tower, Auckland
In The Cloud, Auckland Harbour
Mini Badminton In The Cloud, Auckland Harbour
Resting the Feet, Auckland Harbour
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki
Entrance to Auckland Art Gallery
Sky Wire
Auckland Harbour Bridge

If your not sure of heights then it is probably  not a great idea to walk over the glass flooring ! Some people have problems. Down below the street traffic passes by, the cars and people so so small. Quiet a crowd gathers around the viewing points especially above the start of the zip wire free fall, where you have the option of hanging by a wire whilst circumnavigating the tower or alternatively jumping off to reach the street at a somewhat faster rate than the lift. We take the opportunity not to do any of the above and have a coffee whilst gazing out over Auckland trying to pinpoint the places we have been. After a weeks travel north to Russell and Cape Reinga and back down through Waipoua Forest to Auckland, its time tomorrow to head south and across the North Island to Rotorua.

The Streets Below
Rangitoto Island in the background to Downtown Auckland
The Cloud on the water front stretching out into the harbour.
Looking Down
Hanging by a wire

Travelling Notes

Check out : Sky Tower Auckland 

Where : Auckland, New Zealand.

Travelling : Auckland is reached by the main Highway 1 from the north, part of the highway is a toll road by coming off at Waiwera  the road follows the coastline through the beach resort of Orewa, it is worth the short detour.

Camping : Northshore  Holiday Park in Northcote.  We stayed outside the city centre as there is not much choice with a motorhome. So a short journey in with the bus worked out fine, most buses head for Queen Street the main shopping area.

Next Up : Running Girl – Ohope Beach / Bay of Plenty

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