Ohope Beach / Bay of Plenty

The story behind the image.

These were taken on Ohope Beach early in the morning, my wife had gone out for a run along the beach directly next to our camping site. I grabbed the camera to get some early morning shots. I liked the silhouetted figures in the distance walking along the beach in contrast to the the background hills at the end of the beach where the moisture in the air caused the hills to haze. Behind the clouds were building up for a storm but the rest of the sky was still clear blue.



Running Girl

I reconized the running style, so took these as she approached along the beach. I liked the stark contrast of the shadow against the pale background.






Single Girl

These are of the same girl in the first two pictures as she walked along the beach front.

January 4th 2017



North Coast of Bay of Plenty, Whakatane

Travelling Notes

Check out : The Bean Cafe in Whakatane on the waterfront opposite the information centre in the centre of Whakatane, another coffee tip.

Where : Ohope Beach, Bay of Plenty

Travelling : Highway 30 from a wet Rotorua, past the Lake Rotoiti  then out to the northern coastal town of Whakatane. Hope is situated on the bar of land that encloses the harbour of Ohiwa.

Camping : Ohope Beach Top 10 directly onto the waterfront, great beach to wander or  run  along. The holiday park is quite a way from the cafes and bars of Ohope, situated  out on the sand bank enclosing Ohiwa harbour. The camping ground is huge and very busy !

Next Up : Through the Waioeka Gorge

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