We visited New Zealand three years ago and one of our finds that time was the freedom camping area in Waikanae just off the coast of Kapiti Island. We return for a third time after spending the day in Wellington, it seems our secret is out as a number of campers are already there again, perhaps too many but maybe its seasonal. We head around to the lake where black swan glide over the surface and park up next to the water’s edge. The evening light is golden as the sun dips down into the sea and we stroll out onto the  windswept sands. Beautiful surroundings, the mountains off to one side and the vague form of the Island sat just across the bay. As the shadows lengthen it’s a chance to grab the camera and catch the fading light. I was quite pleased with the effects of the shadows and the red glow over the windswept sands from the sunset, added to all this the silhouetted forms of people walking along the beach at sunset.

Sunset over Kapiti Island, New Zealand
The mouth of the Waikanae River

We stayed just one night, reluctantly setting off once again in the morning after another stroll along the beach, Northwards towards New Plymouth and its lonely mountain.
6th January 2017

Sunset over Kapiti Island, New Zealand
Golden Light
The Golden windswept shore
Kapitit Island in the evening haze
Evening light
Gazing out to sea
Driftwood shelter
Misty Mountains
Driftwood Shelters
Taking Shelter
Driftwood in the sand
Walking along the beach
Walking the dog
Golden Evening
Across the bay, Kapiti Island
Golden Headland
Silhouettes on the beach
Figure in the distance
Parked up with the view of the Island in the background
Campsite for the night
Pondering Life, feeding the Black Swans

Travelling Notes

Check out the Te Papa Museum of New Zealand / Wellington: Te Papa

Where : Waikanae Beach, North of Wellington, New Zealand

Travelling : From the Centre of Wellington about three quarters of an hour, the reserve is a bit difficult to find, the area is tucked away in the housing estate. Not a bad spot to stop for the morning ferry to the South Island, just a short drive in to the ferry port.

Camping : Waikanae Beach, the site can get a bit full because it’s a great place to be, the car park is a bit noisy, a lot of people camp on the grass behind the main car park because it is near the singing toilet, really.

Next : Above the Clouds / Mount Taranaki

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