Wow, how do you do justice to the sound, volume and force of the water that’s rushing along and over the Huka Falls ? This is the second time we have been here but it is still amazing to see and mesmerizing to watch. Having driven up from the south this morning past Lake Taupo, you realise just how vast Lake Taupo is, the Falls are the northern outlet for the lake into the Waikato River.

Lets get something straight from the beginning, Huka Falls is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations so there are a lot of visitors whenever you decide to go, obviously they are not shown  in the photography but believe me they are in the background, or more to the point next to you as you push through the crowds. This is a fantastic place to be and a worthwhile experience, just giving you a heads up here you need to have patience parking up and getting you camera angle.

Huka Falls
Cascade, 220,000 litres per second !
The force of water over the falls

We started the day back in wet and cold Whakapapa village at the base of Mount Ruapehu, somewhat dejected we didn’t manage the Tongariro Crossing this time around so decision time, it’s too cold and wet lets head down to Lake Taupo for some warm weather, on the way we stopped on the north side of Mount Tongariro off Highway 46 and looked back at the desending track for the last part of  the crossing and wondered what might have been.

Snow covered Mount Ruapehu from Whakapapa Village
Rare sighting
Mount Tongariro northern flank
Signs of life
Kings Highway
Cloud cover, the strong winds and constantly changing visability

We head into the sunlight and reach Lake Taupo around midday taking the chance to stop on the lakeside to warm up and feed a group of New Zealand black swans. The lake seen from here is a vast expanse of water ringed by the distant mountains and escarpments. Heading on into Lake Taupo we find a bar on the waterfront for lunch and wonder at the change of atmosphere and weather as joggers run by on a  summers day waterfront.



In the late afternoon we try our luck at Huka Falls to the north of Taupo and come across the lookout point for the whole of Lake Taupo at the top of the hill leading out of the town. Unfortunately the best view has been ruined by street lamps, oh well that’s one for the photoshopers.


If you get the chance check this artist out Graham Moeller, his studio is in the centre of Taupo down in the cellar, his paintings are from all parts of New Zealand we met Graham three years ago and it was cool to met up with him again, still painting great images. Graham Moeller Landscape Artist.


We spent the evening down on Five Mile Bay taking a swim in the lake and camping down for the evening at the freedom camping site.


Travelling Notes

Check out the 100 % Pure New Zealand website : Huka Falls

Where : Huka Falls / Lake Taupo North Island, New Zealand

Travelling : Highway 1 follows the curve of the eastern side of Lake Taupo, leads straight into Taupo with some interesting places to stop for a break on the waterfront.

Camping : Five Mile Bay, on the southern outskirts of Taupo, a busy freedom camping ground with fantastic views and access to the lake for a cold swim.

Next Up : Boiling Over / Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Area


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