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Hi, this is my photographic blog of the places I have visited either close to where I live in the Bavarian Alps or further afield on this beautiful world we all live on.  When I’m back home in England I spend most of my time down in Cornwall or Devon in the South West based mainly in St. Ives, my spiritual home…throughout the summer I head south through Austria and into Northern Italy, often venturing down to beautiful Tuscany.

In the winter it’s a chance to escape Christmas  and take a longer trip to the other side of the world, hire a motorhome and drive around the country of choice. We recently visited Australia at the beginning of 2016 flying first to the island of Tasmania before sailing over the rolling seas of the Bass Strait to land on the southern Australian shores of Victoria, travelling from there up the eastern seaboard to Sydney and up to Brisbane.

This time around we took three and a half weeks to drive around the North Island of New Zealand, a country we just can’t get enough of. So the first part of the year we  will be posting from our travels around The Coromandel, The Bay of Plenty and the beautiful Bay of Islands.

Check out my Instagram posts p.j.bourne for a more random collection of photographs from our  recent trip around New Zealand and through the mountains of Bavaria.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania


New Zealand

Lion Rock, Piha Beach, New Zealand
Lion Rock, Piha Beach, New Zealand


The 12 Apostles, The Great Ocean Road


Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park


Campiglia Marittima, Tuscany

The Alpine Landscape

Blue Haze
Blue Haze, The Isarwinkel, Bavaria

 The Cornish Coastline

Reflections SS227
Reflections SS227

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