Roadtripping through Australia

Our road trip around New Zealand in 2013-14 was such a fantastic experience we needed to do it all again but where ? After much humming and  gazing out of the window the idea to head to Tasmania was very appealing the more we researched the country. But you can’t just fly all the way out to Tasmania and not go to Australia right ? I tried out different routes and time over distance calculations, at one point the plan was six weeks over the Christmas period with us heading all the way up to Cairns from Melbourne. But you can’t do it all, the boss looked crossed eyed at the six weeks holiday suggestion, while the humid weather and storms of Queensland in January kinda put me off. So five weeks it was, Tasmania ten days, over to Melbourne on the ship, along the Great Ocean Road back over to Melbourne via the Grampians Mountains, along the southern coast to Sydney for New Year and then the last week a drive up to Brisbane via the Gold Coast !

The Great Ocean Road


Halls Gap




North of Eden


Sydney City of Colour

Sydney New Years Eve

Moony Beach & Ballina 


Bryon Bay


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