St. Ives. Cornwall

This is the one place when I’m back in England where I feel most at home.

Many childhood memories of long summer days and easter holidays spent on the Cornish coastline with family and friends.

This is a collection of days spent driving around the cornish coastline in the spring of 2014-2015 revisiting familiar places and exploring new beaches and coves.

If you haven’t been, you should go. It`s beautiful…..

St. Ives Harbour

St. Ives Harbour
Reflections SS170
The Island
Rounding the Island Coastguard House
Bamaluz Beach
Sea View the house on Bamaluz Beach

Porthmeor Beach, St. Ives

Porthmeor Beach
The Headland, Porthmeor Beach

Zennor Head, North Coast


Logan Rock


Cornwall cover
Incoming Tide, Cornwall

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