Hell’s Mouth to Portreath

Hell’s Mouth Heading past the Godrevy lighthouse peninsula the road follows the rugged coastline to Portreath, stopping at Hell’s Mouth café we peer over the cliffs edge to see the gaping Hell’s Mouth jagged rocks below. The road runs parallel to the cliffs, the landscape disappears over the cliffs to our left, it’s a rugged… Read More

Sennen Cove

Sennen Cove is near Land’s End on the west coast of Cornwall, facing out into the Celtic Sea and just along the coast from Cape Cornwall. A steep road brings us down to the shoreline, then twists through the village to the rear car park, not much room left today. An art gallery situated in… Read More

Porthmeor Beach

Clodgy Point Porthmeor Beach is the surfing beach in St.Ives, facing North towards the open Celtic Sea, it is an area often hit directly by storms during the winter from which the town is protected. The western headland to the beach is part of the South West Coastal Path which dips and climbs the rugged… Read More