Writing to Reach You

A collection of grey-skied photographs from today’s winter walk up into the hills of the Isarwinkel valley.  The snow is beginning to melt, as a week long pause of the lower winter temperatures, reveal the ground beneath the snow. The sound of the clear waters of the stream, rushing down from the surrounding hills, is… Read More

Taranaki Falls

Taranaki Falls / Tongariro National Park The water plunges into a boulder-ringed pool below, before cascading down through water-worn gorges of the Wairere Stream. It is something to behold, mesmerising to watch, we clamber down for a closer look. Read More

Sunset over Kapiti Island

Sunset over Kaiti Island
As the shadows lengthen it’s a chance to grab the camera and catch the fading light. I was quite pleased with the effects of the shadows and the red glow over the windswept sands from the sunset, added to all this the silhouetted forms of people walking along the beach at sunset. Read More