Road tripping through Tasmania

Tasmania / After much humming and gazing out of the window the idea to head to Tasmania was very appealing the more we researched the country. But you can’t just fly all the way out to Tasmania and not go to Australia right ? Read More

Circling Dove Lake

Circling Dove Lake / As we reach the boathouse on the way back it’s close to six-o-clock and the sky has clouded over, so the most popular photographic spot on Dove Lake is difficult to do justice. We catch the bus back and stay at the National Park campsite as the temperature continues to fall, we are in for a cold night in the mountains. Read More

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay / We take our time to walk along the sands, the sea is so clear rolling onto the empty beach, the blue sky high above is filled with small puffs of cloud. Breathtaking … Read More