Sunset over Kapiti Island, New Zealand
Kapitit Island in the evening haze

…..reading too much, writing too little, not taking that really important call, thinking about everything all at once, driving around all day with the soft-top down, the sunglasses are on, probably wondering what it’s like to fly, definitely planning to travel someplace new, on an average day, is there such a thing, a bit too serious but just some of the time, appearances are deceptive, not bothered about the past, it’s gone, nobody can change it, not even you, only make you miserable,  I can only remember her smile, turn off the tv, switch off the Wifi, stop checking your status, unplug, don’t believe social influencers, follow only this blog, be ironic more often, carry a camera at all times, catch the dappled sunlight breaking through the trees, see the bright sparkling reflections of the dying sun on the surface of the lake, observe, marvel at the autumnal colours, brilliant trees, let the rain fall on your head, you won’t melt, get up early on the weekend, eat healthy, we only have one body, keep running, cycle up a mountain, listen for signs of life in others, trace the outline of the distant mountains, run down the hill screaming, that’s an order, walk to the end of the pier, feel the wet sand between your toes, book that long haul flight, you know it’s a life changer, step into deeper water, be a little bit uncomfortable, test the limits, follow your curiosity, no need to apologize your bound to upset someone somehow anyway, inevitable,  just don’t go looking for problems, they don’t really exist, relax, remember, your not that important, only to those around you, enjoy everyday, one after another, they don’t come around again, this is what you get, nobody is going to give you an operation manual, it’s not a trial run, your not alone, your always alone….just be yourself, it’s all you can do

Sunset over Kapiti Island, New Zealand


Lone Walker, Piha Beach, New Zealand

End of the Pier, Kirchsee
Walk to the end of the Pier

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pjb 2016

Aerial Photography towards Campiglia Marittima