St.Ives Harbour

Taken during an early morning walk down to the Harbour in St.Ives, I followed the slowly receding tide. The Sunlight casting  reflections in the pools of water surrounding the stranded fishing boats, tilted and tied to their moorings.  Wandering between the boats which a couple of hours before were floating in the bay its a chance to see them up close. Stepping through puddles and streams of retreating water, the cables are wrapped in seaweed, seagulls peck at the wet sand for food. At the end of the pier the sea is still lapping around the edge, held back by the massive granite barrier of Smeartons Pier.

A half an hour later it is possible to skirt the end of the harbour wall and to track back to the small enclosed Bamaluz Beach. Here the houses are built directly on top of the granite cliffs, their windows looking out across the bay to Godrevy Lighthouse in the distance. The low tide exposes the decayed timbers of the old pier jutting out into the sea at right angles to Smeatons Pier, in the shallow water rocks pools appear  the occupant crabs scrabble for safey.

April 6th 2015

Smeartons Pier Lighthouse

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