Slope Point

Leave Te Anau and head in a  southern direction across country to Gore, a straight run from one side to the other, we stop in Gore for a coffee break and meet the Americans of Arizona, Bill and Nancy again !  what are the chances… funny. Head Direct south to the coast, Waipapa Lighthouse with Sea lions lying on the beach, watched by tourist with through their photo lenses. Turn off along the gravel road to the southern most point in New Zealand, Slope Point. End up meeting a Finnish guy who is traveling around the world by motorbike on his own, into his second of  four years travel ! Camp at Curio bay near Waikawa and set up among the dunes, the camper is protected by the tall plants, within a few meters there is a sandy bay where dolphins swim. Around the corner is another cove, home to a group of yellow eyed penguins, we watched them come ashore in the evening to feed their chicks, lucky to see seven singles and a pair. From the top of the cliff it is possible to see in the rock face, visible at low tide a petrified forest, stumps and logs, difficult to make out at first. Spent the evening looking for dolphins….sundown at 10.30 still light an hour later, sun up at 5…don`t sleep much.

Sat. 28 December 2013

Returned in the morning to the beach to see in the distance Hector dolphins in the surf, endangered species, so we feel lucky to spot them.

Sun. 29. December 2013

Waipapa Lighthouse
Waipapa Lighthouse
Curio Bay
Curio Bay

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