Cycling in the Hirschtal

A cycle uphill for most of the way, across the fields above Mühlbach and the farm of Tradln. The stone path crosses the lower Hirschtal valley and leads to the beginning of a walk up to Seeklarkreuz. At the base of the climb the dome of the Grasleitenkopf rises up from across the fields. The framed peak of Geierstein is visible between the trees. I come across two horses standing side by side, they have a good view down over the Isar Valley towards Lenggries and Brauneck mountain.

I head down hill, it’s getting hotter, cross the river in Wies and head for the Isar. This area has views back over the Isar to the mountains I’ve just cycled down, the Geierstein and Seeklarkreuz rise up in the background.

7 June 2015

Hirshbach Tal
Hirshbach Tal

The Seeklarkreuz across the River Isar


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