The first real test for the new bike, from Vorderriß to Hinterriß and beyond. This is a popular route to the village of Eng, at the top of the valley. Stunning scenery, an early start because of a storm warning later on this afternoon. It’s all a climb but not too bad, the road is busy with day trippers and tourist buses. I park the car at the side of the road in Vorderriß after driving past Sylvensteinsee and start the cycle from there.

The road climbs up the valley along the river Rißbach, the views of the towering Risser Falk mountain peak in the distance are fantastic and offer a glimpse of what is to follow. The river is fast following down the narrow valley at points the river drops over waterfalls. After crossing the river bridge I cycle over the border into Austria, the only way to reach the end of the valley by car is through this pass from Germany.

I reach the small village Hinterriß and have a look around this small settlement sitting below the surrounding mountain peaks. I head out of the village towards Eng, the road becomes a private toll road after a short distance. The landscape opens out while the road narrows as it follows the riverbed which has widened at this point. The view is  dominated by the towering Risser Falk mountain which I saw from further back sown the valley. I stop for a while to take in the scenery then decide to turn for home as it is beginning to cloud over with thunder stacks.

It’s all downhill from here so a fun easy ride in no time I’m back in by the car so I cycle further onto the river bridge in Vorderriß.

Driftwood in Vorderriß
Driftwood in Vorderriß

I pack the bike up and then wander a short distance into the Riß. The opening of the valley where all the water runs down is empty today, the riverbed consist of bleached white stones and washed up tree roots. In spring this area would be covered by the river. The view from here looks back up the valley, the blue outline of the Risser Falk is prominent.

14 June 2015


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