A Water Taxi Ride

A drive over to Marahu to take the water taxi up the coast to Anchorage. Picked up outside the water taxi centre, by a tractor which takes us in the boat through the streets to the waterfront. Reverse into the sea, then we are off, fast ! First back down the coast to Kaiteriteri to pick up more passengers. Lifebelts on, ” no need to test them we know they work “past beaches and coves, the sea emerald green, beautiful.

Circle apple rock in the boat, lots of people in kayaks are there as well, then head north to anchorage past Adele Island, swinging into the bay to be dropped off on the orange and yellow sand/ stone beach. It is Stunning !  Its a hot muggy day but we climb the hill up out of the bay and then along a flat path back to Marahu. 12,4km apparently but this takes us three hours thirty, the guide said four. Fantastic views, beaches and coves under the forest trees, its hot and sticky but well worth the effort. Return to the start in Marahu and after refreshments, head back to the campsite for a rest and beer. 23 degrees, blue skies, warm. Plan tomorrow and the crossing over to the wild west coast.

20th December 2013

Adele Island


Abel Tasman
Anchorage Cove


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