On the south coast Treen is one of my favorite places to visit. From the village a walk across the fields leads to  Logan Rock which juts out into the sea. On the approach the sentinels line up on the edge of the cliff, the forms look to be in slow motion as they seemingly tip into the sea. Coming over the headland the Logan Rock is visible amid the granite stones, tilted at an angle it is a prominent  feature of the outcrop. It is easy to sit here and watch the waves rolling in along the length of Pedn Vownder Beach, the wind drops if you find a secluded rock outcrop or shelter. From this lofty advantage point I can see a seal in the shallows looking for food as the sea swell rolls it towards the shore.

Slow Motion Fall
Slow Motion Fall

Pedn Vownder Beach

We head further along the cliff top towards Porthcurno and the distant Minack Theater balanced and cut into the cliff face. Wild ponies collect around a gate along the Coastal Path, we feed them pulled grass from beneath the hedgerow. An advantage point above Pedn Vownder Beach, offers a fantastic view down onto the beach and Logan Rock can be seen in a new perspective stretching out into the sea. A distinctive circular sand bank appears as the sea recedes from the beach. In the distance sunlight dances on the surface of the sea, the occasional fishing boat chugs and rocks past, the seal dives in the cove and people on the the beach down below walk out through the waters and onto the drying circular sand bank.

April 9th 2015.

Watching The Sea
Watching The Sea

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