The Rolling Fields of Spring
The Rolling Fields of Spring

Escaping the spring buzz of surrounding lawnmowers, I headed out for the rolling spring hills above the town of Bad Tölz. Trying out the new mountain bike for the first time, I cycled along the swollen riverbanks from Lenggries downstream towards Bad Tölz at the head of the Isarwinkel. At Arzbach a village half way along the path it’s time to cut away from the riverbanks and head for the hills. Following the Arzbach stream, the road winds uphill towards the hamlet of Schnait and the farmland around Lehen. The rolling hills beneath the Bayerische Voralpen landscape of the Isarwinkel is about 730m above sea level, the backdrop is provided by the hazy blue outline of the surrounding mountains.

From Lehen I turn across the fields below the village of Wackersberg  before circling around to climb the twisty road up to the middle of the village. Passing through, this is all downhill but at the end of the village at the last house the views open out across the rolling fields towards the length of the Benediktenwand, a blue outline across the skyline.

The road heads downhill back towards Arzbach, turning left the route curves and twists over the meadows opening up views and vistas across the landscape. I stop for a while to watch the clouds move across the sky and runners and walkers crossing the pathways. A bit of mischievous cross-country now, over the fields, the bike still holding up nicely.

I follow a footpath parallel with the river which brings me out back on one of the many road running at 90 degrees away from the river axis, this brings me to Untermberg a small farmyard above Arzbach. The foresters have cut and stacked timber between the trees lining the road. The road crosses the Arzbach stream further uphill, I turn on the other side and head down again past the Stone works and through and across a field containing a Bull making sure not to annoy him,  this brings me back in Bairahof, I turn for home along the high level road which runs parallel with the river below.

22nd May 2015

The Runner
The Runner

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