Cycling in the Hirschtal

A cycle uphill for most of the way, across the fields above Mühlbach and the farm of Tradln. The stone path crosses the lower Hirschtal valley and leads to the beginning of a walk up to Seeklarkreuz. At the base of the climb the dome of the Grasleitenkopf rises up from across the fields. The… Read More

The Isar Rapids

Not far from the river bridge at Lenggries, the Isar drops a couple of meters forming a set of fast flowing rapids. Depending on the released flow upstream from the Sylvensteinspeicher, the Isar rapids used throughout the summer months by canoe or rubber raft boat tours. At present the flow is strong and clear from… Read More

autumn along the riverbank

Landscape Photography in the crisp clear of a late autumn Sunday afternoon. Watching the clear mountain river water washed down from the Sylvensteinsee, flowing over the long gravel spits which give the town its name. Lenggries. Over the waterfall and down stream towards Munich. Glimpsed through the bare trees, the foothills of the Alps rise… Read More